Nuts & Bolts 34 Review!


-By Dr. Nicolaus Hettler

-soft cover

-German & English texts

-184 pages, 334 photos (169 historic, 32 model, 133 modern)

-80 blueprints

-20 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organization (KStN)

There's a bunch of great Sd.Kfz. 7 Half-Track kits out these days, so this book will certainly come in handy.

There are 184 pages total with 334 photos total inside. A total of 169 period photos are included. There are five different modeling projects in given concise coverage, including three by Tony Greenland.

The first section of the book is mainly textual. It starts off with development and a technical description. Then these guys just go nuts (hence the nuts in Nut & Bolts) and give a short rundown on pretty much every variant of the Sd.Kfz. 7. They follow this with unit allocation information you just won't find anywhere else, including great charts like the one below:

The period photos follow. there are some really nice factory shots combined with those of early models being used as a prime mover for artillery such as the 15cm sFH. and the "88." Coverage of the AA toting versions follow, which we all appreciate. There is a nice selection of armored versions here too. The last part is a short look at "funnies"—unusual variants.

A huge section with line drawings follows including multiple versions of the prime mover and the Flak gun carriers.

Nuts & Bolt never skimps on the color plates.  This volume has 10 pages of them, with two plates on each page:

The walk around pictures will give you a close-up look at all of the details. These are photos taken of surviving examples. The emphasis in this section is on multiple versions of the prime mover with a splendid look at an armored Sd.Kfz. 7 carrying a 3.7cm Flak Gun at the end.

Last but not least are the models. Tony Greenland's first project is actually right inside the front cover. There is some additional commentary in the front of the book after the technical description and unit allocation/ deployment sections. At the very end of the book are four more short articles, all wonderully done and sure to whet your appetite to leave work and start on one of these kits right away.

As we've said before and will probably say again, these books are one-stop shopping for reference material on their respective subjects. No one can beat Nuts & Bolts on what they cover.

You can buy your copy direct right here.

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