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MMiR 60

  • The M48 Patton, a Primer: Part Two:
    The M48A2 and M48A2C
  • The Little Tractor that Rocks: The Pit Road IJA Type 98
    4t Prime Mover Shi-Ke
  • Dust(er) in the Wind: Blown away by AFV Club’s
    M42 Duster
  • Pint sized Puma: Gettin’ teeny with the Italeri/Tamiya kit
  • Pocket size Puncher: Tamiya’s New Type 10
  • Heavy Lift’n: Tasca’s Sweet M32B1!
  • A T-90 Tale: A story of steel and styrene
  • Red Leg! Red Leg! This is Bravo Six: Bronco’s
    155mm Howitzer (Vietnam)

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