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MMiR 32 (out of print)

  • Operation Citadel: the latest über title from the mad men at Fedorowicz Publishing has got the goods
  • "Dana," the big gun on wheels: building the PanzerShop Dana 152mm self-propelled gun
  • Live! It's a real T-55!: building the long awaited Tamiya T-55A kit
  • Prognosis Nashorn: Dragon hits another homer with this all new kit
  • Bella Benelli: the Model Victoria Benelli M36 mototriclo
  • The Challenger challenge: the Tamiya kit gets the Oprah makeover with help from Accurate Armour and Eduard
  • Sprucing up an old French cow: bringing the Heller/Gunze Sangyo SOMUA S35 kit up to specs
  • Little big man: the big little Verlinden M3A1 Stuart
  • Tarawa '43: part three of our series on the Italeri LVTs. This time: the LVT2 conversion

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