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MMiR 50

  • Grizzly's New Coat: Adding Zimmerit the old way
  • Baggy-Sided Stuart: Adding Blast Models sandbag armor and stowage to AFV Club's cute little M5A1 (early)
  • Flak-Tastic!: Fun with Dragon's early SdKfz 7/1 mounting the fearsome 2cm Flak 38
  • Commercial Break-Down: The lowdown on Plus Models Morris CDSW Light Breakdown
  • Party with your PT: The first in Roberto Reale's two-part feature on detailing the Italeri Elco boat
  • MAZ Modeling Trio: Trumpeter's MAZ-537 gets a Croatian makeover and is topped off with a Serbian T-34/85
  • Conqueror-lite: The FV221 Caernarvon from Accurate Armour gets a desert skin

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