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MMiR 42/43 (out of print)

  • Flak attack, part one: the AFV Club Flak 18
  • Palasim Puma: building and detailing the Legends Productions IDF Puma combat engineering vehicle
  • Flak attack, part two: the Dragon Flak 36
  • Autoblinda: building the Italeri AB-41
  • Get Smart: up(grading) your Geschütz: the Dragon Sturmgeschütz III G early production (and Cyber Hobby's update sets one and two)
  • Get Smart: halftrack comeback: prepare for Dragon's partially treaded APC onslaught
  • Get Smart: pleasing Panzer: it's more Panzer IV love by the numbers from Dragon
  •  Baghdad bruiser: the Army's latest version of the M1A2 gets the Dragon treatment
  •  Get Smart: MAN cat: Dragon creates the final version of our favorite kitty
  • Heavy Chevy: getting busy with the rad light Chevy from Masters Productions
  • Euro Gold: a selection of Euro Militaire's finest work
  • Pulsating Puma: it's Dragon AGAIN on this classic subject
  • Hetzer hysteria: we team build the Tamiya Hetzer and give a blow-by-blow on the paint job
  • PaK 44: Cromwell's beastly belcher gets built
  • Painting Guide no. 1: WWII German armor in Winter Whitewash 

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