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MMiR 48 (out of print)

  • Mighty Grasshopper: Mike Rinaldi grapples with Dragon's Heuschrecke IVb 10.5cm Le. F.H. 18/6(Sf.) auf Geschützwagen III/IV
  • A Stoodie for Stalin: ICM's plastic kit with some help from Masters Productions
  • The New U.S. Army Workhorse: photo reference for Trumpeter's all-new FMTV kit
  • Bandai Sci-Fi: new armor from Bandai in the form of a 1:35 twin-barreled tank from the future
  • Operation Al-Fajr: sculpting a Marine Corps scene from OIF
  • Welcome, Mr. Churchill: the long-awaited AFV Club Churchill Mk III arrives

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